Break the Bad Habit of Not Having Enough Motivation

How to break the bad habit of not having enough motivation.

That is the BIG question.

None of us do anything until we feel like doing it. So, how do we make ourselves feel like doing the things we know we ought to be doing? You have to schedule motivation into your routine.

When we talk about good habits, we have to talk about routine. A habit is formed as a result of a reaction to a cue. So, we have to manipulate the cues. Remember that 95% of our daily actions happen as a result of our subconscious minds. Therefore, we have to schedule motivation every day.

Zig Ziglar said that motivation is like bathing. You need to do it every day because it just doesn’t last that long.

Motivation doesn’t just come from inspirational quotes or messages. It comes from keeping your eye on the prize, so make sure you have a vision board and keep it in sight.

It comes in the form of movies or music. So, set your alarm tone to your favorite song – one that always puts you in a good mood and makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

Schedule a time to motivate someone else every day. With all of the negative consequences of our digital age, at least it’s easy to schedule reminders. There is nothing more motivating than motivating someone else. Remind your spouse to motivate you throughout the day, and do the same for them.

Sometimes I wonder if I need to write some motivational crap every day. And, the answer is YES. This motivational crap is moving someone, somewhere sometime. Someone needs to read it, and I certainly benefit from writing it.

If you don’t bath every day, you’ll start to stink. If you don’t get your motivation on every day, your attitude will start to stink. So, don’t forget your prayers, your exercise, and your motivation.