Easier than Ever

Making money from home is easier today than it ever has been.  Whether that means a remote work opportunity with a 9 – 5 job or owning your own home-based business. I like to study the wisdom of Solomon, the wisest, richest man in history.  The 4 wisdom keys that Continue Reading

Put Action with God’s Power

Your God will supply all your needs, but most of what you want you’re going to have to take action to make happen!  If you’re ok eating bread and water than you won’t have to do much. But, if you desire more, you’ll have to put some action to the power Continue Reading

Fear Versus Anxiety

It’s not the fear. It’s the anxiety! Fear can sometimes serve you. Anxiety can never serve you. When you are suffering from anxiety, you can only do two things: sit down or lie down. So, the first thing you can do to overcome anxiety (often mistaken for fear) is get Continue Reading

Master the Skill of Selling

I’ve always been aware that most people have an aversion to selling, but it just occurred to me that the percentage of people who don’t like selling is the same as the percentage of people who live paycheck to paycheck.   Over 80 % of the population lives paycheck to paycheck, Continue Reading

Gratitude Unlocks Success

Gratitude. It is not just about good manners, for example sending thank you cards. It is the power that enables you to achieve your dream. Psychologists and behavioral scientists have proven thankfulness is the least felt emotion. It is an emotion that has to be cultivated. People who practice gratitude Continue Reading

Virtual Millionaire Club

You are about to discover the principles of financial intelligence and business development from a Biblical perspective.